Kimax 1® & Kimax 2®

La libertad del control del peso a bordo


Conducir un camión es más que un trabajo. Sense-Tech es una empresa danesa dedicada a los sistemas de pesaje. Sabemos lo que quieren los conductores de camiones y lo que necesitan los negocios.


La comodidad es básica! Desde el asiento de su cabina puede conocer fácilmente el peso total y la presión y carga por eje de su camion y (semi)remolque


Nuestro sistema Kimax ha sido desarrollado por expertos y profesionales. De un conductor de camiones a otro. Sabemos lo qué hace falta. Tanto si transporta madera en Suecia como si lleva un tren de carretera por el interior de Australia.


The specialty vehicle manufacturer Toni Maurer GmbH from Türkheim in the Unterallgäu region of Bavaria specialises in retrofitting and modifying all kinds of commercial vehicles.

For the past five years the company has been installing the Kimax on-board weighing system in its customers’ vehicles. According to Alexander Mayr from the Electrical/Electronics division, they have already fitted the system on around ten vehicles of four different customers. “When we got interested in on-board weighing systems as a means of extending our portfolio, we compared various systems and Kimax impressed us,” says Mayr.

Customers who have bought the system mainly come from the municipal waste management, roadworks and forestry sector, and the vehicles are currently in use in Germany and France. As Mayr adds: “Determining the vehicle mass is especially important on dust carts, but at the same time not always an easy task. Although a dust cart always has the same volume, the weight of its contents can vary greatly.” Customers of Toni Maurer GmbH engaged in this sector wanted a built-in solution to easily and precisely determine the weight of the vehicle, so as on the one hand to make the most of the admissible total weight, and on the other, to avoid the risk of overloading.

Another implementation area for which Toni Maurer GmbH installs the Kimax system in its customers’ vehicles is wood transport.

“A wet tree trunk obviously weighs a lot more than a dry one, even though the volume is the same,” explains Alexander Mayr. “The Kimax on-board weighing system gives our customers the added assurance of immediately knowing if their vehicle has already reached the admissible total weight or if another trunk can be loaded.

” The Kimax system is also used in road building. “It’s a great advantage for our customers to know exactly how much bitumen mass is left in the tank. For one, it lets them keep a check on how much topping has already been applied to the road surface, and two, when it is time to refill the vehicle.”

In Mayr's view, the key benefits of the Kimax system are easy installation and accuracy. “Once we’d installed the Kimax system, we noticed that the weight display only differed slightly from the vehicle weight recorded on our scale. In our opinion, exact weighing and fast, easy installation firmly tips the scales in favour of Kimax.”

Toni Maurer

GmbH, Türkheim, Germany